Ecosolvent and UV printing


Falco Ecosolvent

Falco in Ekosolwent configuration is a solution for those who care about the highest quality of printing, distinguished by a rich range of colors and reproduction of every detail. Falco allows you to print on many surfaces – the only limit is your imagination.

Falco DTG

Dedicated technology package, performance and quality of work, yet affordable. Falco in DTG configuration is the solution for those who need a comprehensive solution for their business.

akcesoria ekosolwent

Processing bathtub

WA4 process bath for sealing the pre-printed anodized aluminium sheet. Compatible with Falco printer in Ekosolwent configuration.

Metal sheet guillotine

A device that complements the anodized aluminum printing technology. It is used to cut printed sheets to the required size. It has an exchangeable knife and a clamp ideal for cutting thin aluminium sheets.

DTG accessories

DTG table

This device is intended for people with a Falco DTG printer. Simplifies and speeds up the printing process on T-shirts, shirts, sweatshirts and other textile products.


A device that complements the technology of printing on textile products. It speeds up the process of printing fusing so that the product is ready for use immediately after pressing.