Accessories and Supplies – other configuration

general accessories

Computer hardware

At the customer’s request, we can provide a workstation with our machine – both the PC itself and full equipment to start working right after the implementation of our machines.

Falco base

Dedicated Falco machine base, which, in addition to providing the necessary stability for printing, also has a storage compartment to store printer-related materials.

Graphic software

We offer the possibility to purchase graphic software, which allows you to create advanced graphics or templates, significantly improving the work with the machine.

accessories ecosolvent

Processing bathtub

WA4 process bath for sealing the pre-printed anodized aluminium sheet. Compatible with Falco printer in Ekosolwent configuration.

Metal sheet guillotine

A device that complements the anodized aluminum printing technology. It is used to cut printed sheets to the required size. It has an exchangeable knife and a clamp ideal for cutting thin aluminium sheets.

Vacu3d A4 thermoformer

The device is aimed at people who have a Falco printer in the Ekosolwent version. Thermoformed HIPS or PET sheets will allow you to create three-dimensional prints.

DTG accessories

DTG table

This device is intended for people with a Falco DTG printer. Simplifies and speeds up the printing process on T-shirts, shirts, sweatshirts and other textile products.


A device that complements the technology of printing on textile products. It speeds up the process of printing fusing so that the product is ready for use immediately after pressing.