FALCO – DTG configuration

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Dedicated technology package, performance and quality of work at an affordable price. Falco’s DTG configuration is the solution for those who need comprehensive solutions for their business.


“dedicated technology package”

We provide dedicated technology packages that make it easier and faster to get started in business. For example, if you have a great idea for selling printed T-shirts, but you don’t know where to start, we can help. The technology package includes a Falco printer, dedicated T-shirt printing tables, thermal press, T-shirt base and even a computer.

high quality printing

Prints made with Falco are distinguished by their vivid, natural colours and every detail. You’ll be surprised to find that prints based on graphics or photos can be so much in line with the original.

time-saving serial printing

Reduce production time in volume printing with the queuing option. Falco reduces the number of steps in the entire process to a minimum: you can set the print quantity of a given graphic once, then simply set the products to be printed on the table and start the machine with one button.

intuitive operation

You’ll learn how to use Falco in less than 15 minutes. The clever design makes the printer easy and intuitive to use – you don’t have to be a professional operator to use Falco. The entire printing process is controlled by just two buttons and one for serial production.

The machine can be operated from a variety of graphics programs – both professional and available on any computer.

working comfort

  • No more dirt on the job. With the use of drip-free bottles, you’ll never again be splashing yourself or your surroundings with ink.
  • Cleaning the work table as well as the entire machine is quick and easy. The machine head can be easily cleaned automatically and semi-automatically.
  • It works as quietly as a normal office printer.


Falco’s DTG configuration is affordable even for small family businesses. The machine’s operating costs are not high, so the investment will pay for itself quickly.

see samples

Here you can view examples of printing on various surfaces such as wood, aluminum, and plastic.


Printing format500 x 200 mm
Thickness of mediaup to 150 mm
Printing technologyDigital inkjet, colour
Number of heads1
HeadEpson Micro Piezo™
Number of printers4
ColoursBlack, Cyan, Yellow, Magenta, optional White
Ink system7 different types of ink, depending on the configuration and the needs.
Resolutionmax. 5760 x 1440 dpi , variable droplet size technology from 3 pl.
DriverMicrosoft® Windows 10,8,7
Width450 mm
Height500 mm
Length1050 mm
Weight40 kg
Power supplyAC 220-240 V
Power consumption200 W
Warranty12-month warranty (manufacturer’s warranty)
Control panel3 buttons + knob
Colour printing speed
Print speed in mono
Copy supportYES
Automatic object detectionYES
Automatic liftingYES