Meet Falco

Next generation flatbed printer

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Falco, a modern flatbed printer, allows for direct, photographic quality printing on virtually any material. This innovative solution developed by Polish engineers is ideal for small formats, specialist printing and product niches. See how Falco can revolutionize your business.


new, photo-quality printing

A print on a cake that is no different from a high-resolution photo? Nothing simpler! With Falco, you don’t have to give up on the highest quality printing even on the most difficult surfaces. The machine allows you to obtain vivid, natural colours and reproduce even the smallest details on countless materials, including food products (waffles, biscuits, sweets, lollipops, etc.), as well as wood or concrete.

flawless, precise positioning

The printer is equipped with a modern sensor system, which enables fully automatic, error-free detection of objects. Falco provides extremely accurate positioning – repeatability of the Y axis up to 0.01 mm (access to the beginning of the printing field), repeatability of the Z axis (lifting the printing section) – 0.05 mm.

save time with batch printing

Reduce your production time in volume printing significantly with the queuing option. Falco reduces the number of steps in the entire process to a minimum: you can set the print quantity of a given graphic once, then simply set the products to be printed on the table and start the machine with one button. With Falco, serial printing becomes fast and convenient.

simple intuitive operation

You’ll learn how to use Falco in…15 minutes. The clever design and design make the printer extremely easy and intuitive to use – so Falco operators do not have to be professional operators. The entire printing process is controlled by just two buttons and one for serial production.

comfort and productivity

  • No more dirty work – Falco uses a drip-free bottle system, so you’ll never get dirty again when you change the ink.
  • Cleaning the work table as well as the entire printer is quick and easy as never before – it will save you time and nerves.
  • Falco doesn’t generate any noise during operation – it works as quietly as an ordinary office printer.
  • The printer is made of high quality materials that guarantee long life.
  • Vibration elimination – thanks to its rigid mechanical construction, Falco remains very stable during operation.

Falco printer configurations

Choose a FALCO printer configuration that meets your business needs.

Food printer



FALCO Food Printer Specifications

Printing format500 x 200 mm
Thickness of mediaup to 150 mm
Printing technologyDigital inkjet, colour
Number of heads1
HeadEpson Micro Piezo™
Number of printers4
ColoursBlack, Cyan, Yellow, Magenta, optional White
Ink system7 different types of ink, depending on the configuration and the needs.
Resolutionmax. 5760 x 1440 dpi , variable droplet size technology from 3 pl.
DriverMicrosoft® Windows 10,8,7
Width450 mm
Height500 mm
Length1050 mm
Weight40 kg
Power supplyAC 220-240 V
Power consumption200 W
Warranty12-month warranty (manufacturer’s warranty)
Control panel3 buttons + knob
Colour printing speed
Print speed in mono
Copy supportYES
Automatic object detectionYES
Automatic liftingYES