drukarka spożywcza Falco Imago Printer, druk spozywczy na tortach


Falco’s food configuration allows for photographic quality printing on virtually any food product. The print on a cake, biscuit or wafer will be distinguished by its depth of colour and the reproduction of the smallest details.



Falco allows direct printing on countless food products. The print quality on cookies, cakes, biscuits, lollipops, cheese, eggs, gingerbread or wafers is unprecedented. You don’t need any intermediate elements – place the product on the table and print.

Drukarka spożywcza Falco, bezpośredni druk na ciastkach z polewą, druk na masie cukrowej
tusz atrament jadalny, drukarka spożywcza falco


Food inks used in the printer are completely safe and non-toxic. They have been developed in accordance with strict EU standards for food products.


Discover new quality printing. With Falco in the food configuration, you get photographic quality prints that fully reproduce the original file – graphics or photos. The prints are distinguished by their depth of colour, and every detail is clear, even the smallest one.

Drukarka spożywcza Falco,druk na ciastkach z polewą druk na masie cukrowej
komfortowa i intuicyjna obsługa drukarki Falco


Falco has been designed with comfort in mind. You don’t have to be a professional operator or a polygraphic artist – learning to operate is only 15 minutes. The printing process is controlled by means of two buttons, and one for serial printing. The machine can be operated from a wide range of graphics programs – both professional and available on any computer.


  • No more dirt on the job. With the use of drip-free bottles, you’ll never again be splashing yourself or your surroundings with ink.
  • Cleaning the work table as well as the entire machine is extremely easy and fast.
  • The device works as quietly as a normal office printer.
komfortowe łatwe uzupełnianie wymiana tuszu w drukarce płaskiej Falco
trwała i wydajna drukarka spożywcza Falco


Falco is made of high-quality materials that guarantee a long service life. Vibration elimination and high operational stability are achieved through a rigid mechanical structure.



Here you can view sample printouts on various food products such as cakes, cakes and even cheese.


Printing format500 x 200 mm
Thickness of mediaup to 150 mm
Technologia drukuDigital inkjet, colour printing technology
Number of heads1
HeadEpson Micro Piezo™
Number of printers4
ColoursBlack, Cyan, Yellow, Magenta, optional White
Ink system7 different types of ink, depending on the configuration and the needs.
Resolutionmax. 5760 x 1440 dpi , variable droplet size technology from 3 pl.
DriverMicrosoft® Windows 10,8,7
Width450 mm
Height500 mm
Length1050 mm
Weight40 kg
Power supplyAC 220-240 V
Power consumption200 W
Warranty12-month warranty (manufacturer's warranty)
Control panel3 buttons + knob
Colour printing speed
Print speed in mono
Copy supportYES
Automatic object detectionYES
Automatic liftingYES


    Description of the Falco food printer

    A food printer is a device used to print on food substrates with special edible ink.

    Construction of the Food Printer

    Food printers produced by IMAGO Printer have a structure typical for plotters working in 3 axes, therefore they are often called 3D food printers. The printing system is divided into two parts: a fixed base and a movable printing section. In such a system, all objects to be printed are placed on a stationary table in an area called the food printer workspace. This area is smaller than the table itself and its dimensions are specified in the IMAGO Falco Food Printer specification. The printing section moves above the objects placed on the work table. It adjusts itself to the height of the object with a set of sensors. However, please note that the sensors will detect the highest point on the work table and will not change its height relative to the objects during the printing process itself. Therefore, it is recommended that all objects placed on the work table of the food processor are the same or similar (within a range of approximately 2 mm) in height. The maximum height of the objects to be printed in the IMAGO Falco Food Printer is 15 cm. The control panel at the front of the machine is also a fixed part. Using the buttons on the control panel you can easily control the device and prepare it to start printing the elements set on the working field.


    Functionality of the Food Printer

    IMAGO Falco Food Printer prints with ink produced by an Italian concern specializing in the production of food dyes for printers and used in confectionery. This means that the edible ink used in IMAGO Printer devices has all the necessary European certificates recognized also by Polish Sanitary and Epidemiological Inspectorates and can be safely used to decorate food substrates. The possibilities of using the IMAGO Falco food printer are enormous. As part of our own tests and those carried out for our customers, we have identified several substrates on which we can print without any problems. The full list is available after contacting the sales department. At the same time, we strongly believe that the statement “a food printer can print on anything that is clear” is not far from the truth. We have already tested printing on chocolate, printing on sugar pulp, printing on edible paper, printing on food gel, printing on biscuits etc. The same food printer can also be used for printing on wood, e.g. wine boxes or other substrates that are at least a little bit porous (edible ink can have problems with adhesion to smooth surfaces). The IMAGO Falco Food Printer can also print on dry substrates such as cheese. The food printer can also print on foamed beverages (food printing on coffee, food printing on beer). Of course, the most common use of a food printer is to print directly on cakes.

    Cake food printer

    Printing cakes on a food printer can be of different heights, dimensions and shapes. The maximum height of the cake in an IMAGO Falco food printer is 15 cm. The maximum diameter or width of the cake is 21 cm. The length of the cake can be arbitrary (the cake can protrude from both sides outside the working area). However, please note that only the section specified in the technical specifications (for Falco it is 55 cm) can be printed in one process. The surface of the cake on which we print should be as flat as possible and should be the highest points of the cake. This means that we can print on both flat cakes and, for example, in the shape of a communion book. It should be remembered that if we print a book-shaped cake on a food printer, we will only get a sharp print on the hills (where the cake is closest to the printing head). Printing cakes can be covered with different toppings. These toppings can be both light and dark. Food printing on cakes is described in detail in the realizations section.

    Food printers in confectioneries

    Food printers from IMAGO Printer can be used in various industries, but at the same time they are most often used in Polish confectioneries. Food printers are used in such places as a tool facilitating the confectioner’s work. Thanks to the use of a food printer, the decoration of cakes is greatly simplified by significantly shortening the time of work on the cake or eliminating the need to use a wafer. The food printer can also be used to make spatial cake decoration elements, e.g. by printing out the sugar mass or marzipan which can be later formed. Printed elements on such masses can be very easily cut out with a surgical knife and glued to the cake surface. Of course, the advantages of a food printer in places such as confectioneries do not end with the decoration of the cake itself. More and more often confectionery masters are also discovering other areas of application for food printers. More interesting possibilities for food printers include direct printing on the surface of sweet souvenirs, food printing on desserts or food printing on the surface of chopped cakes. For more information on sample realizations, please see the relevant section on the page.