Accessories and Supplies

general accessories

Computer hardware

At the customer’s request, we can provide a workstation with our machine – both the PC itself and full equipment to start working right after the implementation of our machines.

Falco base

Dedicated Falco machine base, which, in addition to providing the necessary stability for printing, also has a storage compartment to store printer-related materials.

Graphic software

We offer the possibility to purchase graphic software, which allows you to create advanced graphics or templates, significantly improving the work with the machine.

food accessories


On request we create matrices tailored to the specific product. This makes working with the device even easier and faster.

Graphic tablet

We offer the opportunity to purchase graphic tablets that allow you to transfer your artistic work to the computer and decorate sweets with hand-made graphics.


On request, we create in 3D printing technology die-cutters for sugar paste adapted to the relevant graphics.


Food inks

In our offer we have inks designed for the food industry. These are water-based dyes similar to those used every day in confectionery. They were developed in accordance with the strict EU standards for food products. For inks we also supply the appropriate cleaning fluids (cleaners).

Spare and wear parts

In our offer you will find all components that are subject to wear and tear. Both parts of the printing system such as print heads or elements responsible for cleaning and all other parts of the machine, which are damaged or destroyed.