We are a well-connected team of experienced engineers, connected with the printing industry since 2013. In mid-2019 we decided to join forces to design and manufacture innovative flatbed printers together. Our proprietary solutions are a new quality on the Polish printing market.

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Based on many years of research we have developed our own technology of flat surface printers, which will allow you to print professionally and economically.

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Our devices come in three configurations: edible, eco-solvent and DTG. Each of them is designed for printing on different types of materials. What kind of materials?

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Ewelina Zaremba

Sygnis New Technologis sp. z o.o.

As a company specializing in research and development and a distributor of technological equipment, we make sure that our offer includes only products and technical solutions of the highest quality and high added value for our customers. We also appreciate the local, i.e. Polish service and collegial contact with the direct manufacturer. The IMAGO company meets all these assumptions, therefore we are glad that as SYGNIS NEW TECHNOLOGIES company we can offer our customers their equipment.

Andrzej Burgs

Mikulski i Burgs Technika

Our technology showroom of the future could not do without Imago machines, which we believe are innovative and completely change the possibilities of food personalization. Great technical background, great knowledge passed on during training - we were ready to work with the machine on the first day, and the number of our satisfied customers has been growing ever since. This has changed our events beyond recognition!

Mateusz Uraziński


He has been working with the IMAGO design team for several years. I confirm that it is a team of talented engineers who put the good of their customers first. All IMAGO products use the highest quality components, which significantly increase the life span of their equipment. We are proud that as IGUS company we support such professional teams and provide them with both cable guides and highly flexible cables adapted to many years of work cycles in guides.

Anita Wantoch-Rekowska

Confectionery Want

Everyone has probably heard of plotters printing in the confectionery industry. Our confectionery already has a second device of this type produced by an Italian company. I met the gentlemen from IMAGO recently. Their device is quiet, neat, modern, easy to use and prints with incredible photographic quality. I wish I had met IMAGO before. I keep my fingers crossed and believe that technology of this kind is the future and sooner or later every confectionery will have to have such a device.

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Weronika Pasińska

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Dariusz Żebrowski

Dariusz Żebrowski

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Confectionary substrate advisor

Agnieszka Kozłowska

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