VULPES – polish confectionery plotter

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Confectionery plotter Vulpes enables printing on practically any confectionery surface of the highest quality. This innovative solution is perfect for decorating large cakes and cakes and monoporations in mass production. See how Vulpes can grow your business.

features of the vulpes food printer

extremely high printing quality

Thanks to the use of a 6-color ink system, the Vulpes plotter allows printing in the highest quality on almost any confectionery substrate. Printouts are characterized by vivid colors and ideal reproduction of details. And all this directly on the surface of the cake covered with: mirror glaze, chocolates, butter mass, cream… and anything else you want!

safety in the food industry

The food inks used in the printers are completely safe and non-toxic. They are dyes similar to those commonly used in confectionery. They were created in accordance with the strict EU standards for food products. Additionally, the materials used in the machine are adapted to the food industry.

tailored to confectionery formats

The Vulpes is specially designed to accommodate standard GN 1/1 tray sizes and can easily decorate cakes of any size up to 32 cm in diameter and 15 cm in height. In addition, the device is also suitable for printing on cakes, pralines or macaroons.

flawless precise positioning

The confectionery plotter is equipped with a modern system enabling fully automatic height detection. A table with an indelible ruler allows precise positioning of the product in the printing area. In the case of printing small sweets in large quantities, such as pralines or jelly beans, you can use matrices that further speed up the decoration process.

durability in continuous series operation

Thanks to its durable construction, long-life printhead and large ink bottles, the device is ideal for continuous operation. It needs no downtime, which further increases productivity. In addition, automatic decoration significantly reduces production time. Printing of 25 cakes of 30cm diameter takes only 1 hour! The number of steps in the whole process is reduced to a minimum: it is enough to set the print quantity for a given graphic, place the products on the table and start the machine with one button.

Comfort and efficiency at work

Intuitive control and well thought-out design will make your work quick and easy. Serial printing is operated with just one button. The device is adapted to work in difficult conditions such as dust and moisture. The 50ml ink bottles provide high yields without the need to top up, and the indicator lights let you know if you need to.

samples of direct printing on food products

Here you can browse through the sample realizations of printing on various food products such as cookies, cakes and even cheese.

VULPES food printer specifications

ModelIMAGO Vulpes
Printing format650 x 320 mm
Media thicknessup to 150 mm
printing technologyDigital inkjet, color
Number of printheads1 x Epson Micro Piezo™
ColorsBlack, Cyan, Yellow, Magenta, Light Cyan, Light Magenta
Resolutionmax. 5760 x 1440 dpi
Power supplyAC 220-240 V, up to 200W
Weight60 kg
Warranty12 months (manufacturer’s warranty)
Copy supportYES
Automatic object detectionYES
Stable work tableYES
Non-washable rulerYES
Dust and water resistanceYES