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FALCO confectionery plotter – Innovative cookie decoration.

Falco’s food printer provides photo-quality direct printing on almost any food substrate. This will make your cakes, small cakes or macarons stand out with accuracy and color variety. The Falco food plotter allows you to create original decorations and personalize your products, which will make your confectionery or bakery offerings stand out.

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What sets the FALCO food plotter apart?


Photographic print quality.

IMAGO food printers allow you to create attractive and aesthetically pleasing prints on chocolate, macarons, cookies, or sugar paste. The colors are natural and vivid, and the reproduced image is precise and detailed.


Impact on the development of confectionery businesses.

Confectionery printers make it easy to decorate your products. Thanks to them you will distinguish your offer and offer your customers personalized products for various occasions like Easter, Mother’s Day or Christmas. At the same time, with a food printer you will reduce production costs and increase the margin of the products you offer, thus increasing profits in your business!


Accelerating confectionery decoration in mass production.

With the Falco food printer, you will decorate as many as 500 macarons in an hour.

Automatic height detection, a table with a ruler. and additional dies make your work easier and further shorten the decoration process.


Size suitable for small studios.

Falco’s food plotter is small in size, so it can easily fit into even the smallest workshop. The compactness of the device makes it a popular choice for home-based businesses and manufactures.


Easy to operate and comfortable to work with.

IMAGO equipment reduces the number of required steps in the production process to a minimum. You will learn how to operate the control panel in just 15 minutes! In addition, the non-drip bottle system ensures clean and convenient operation.


Safe edible inks.

Food inks used in printers are commonly used dyes in confectionery. They are completely safe and non-toxic. They were created in accordance with strict EU standards for food products. In addition, the materials used in the machine are adapted to the food industry.

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  • Polish production using modern technology, components and parts
  • robust design of the device
  • simple operation and intuitive software
  • easy positioning of products for printing
  • low operating costs
  • small size of the device
  • automatic detection of the object height
  • copy handling
  • professional support in the field of confectionery printing technology

Falco food printer technical specifications

Device modelFalco
Print format20 cm x 50 cm
Media thicknessto 15 cm
Printing technologydigital printing using edible inks
Ink ColorsBlack, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow
Number of heads1x Epson micro Piezo
Resolution5760 x 1440 dpi
Energy consumption200 W
Operating systemWindows 11/10/8/7
Work environment18-28 stopni, 35-65%
External size45cm x 50cm x 105cm
Software that controls the printing processAffinity Designer
Manufacturer's warranty12 months

Falco confectionery plotter

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In addition, we supply our customers with consumables and spare parts. As a manufacturer, we provide fast shipping, high availability, as well as efficient service and technical support.

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