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Create indestructible nameplates using printing in anodized aluminum

AQUILA Aluminium

Digital printer for anodized aluminum is the maximum of quality, precision and durability of color printing in metal. AQUILA Aluminum allows you to create nameplates, warehouse labels, building signage, as well as diplomas or control panels.

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FALCO Aluminium

The FALCO Aluminum device makes it possible to produce indestructible warehouse labels directly at the point of use.

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Aluminum series printers from IMAGO provide the ability to produce highly durable, even indestructible prints in anodized aluminum. The high quality and precision of the printing allow every detail to be reproduced. As a result, your nameplates, control panels or room markings will be durable and retain their appearance for many years.

How does printing in aluminum work?

Printing technology in anodized aluminum involves printing a sheet of metal with a porous structure. Anodizing opens the pores into which the ink is introduced during printing. The workpiece is then boiled in a water bath, which closes the pores with a conversion coating of aluminum oxides. This creates an aluminum protective layer over the print, ensuring its indestructibility. IMAGO aluminum printers guarantee a durable and damage-resistant print.

The device can be used to create, among other things:

  • nameplates;
  • information plates and boards for museums or parks;
  • control panels and front panels for appliances;
  • gravestone plaques;
  • diplomas and certificates;
  • and many more …

Aluminum printers and benefits for your business

Products created using printing technology in anodized aluminum are characterized by extraordinary durability. At the same time, the process of their creation is fast, inexpensive, and easy for any employee to master. Prints can be made in any color, and at the same time they are indelible and resistant to scratches and chemicals, which makes them maintain excellent quality for a long time.

Printers for aluminum is a technology that allows to reduce production costs. The production of a 10 × 15 cm plate costs only PLN 3, and the time for its preparation is only 2 minutes. At the same time, digital printing in aluminum allows you to quickly make small personalized orders without worrying about the downtime of the entire production.

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Aluminum printers – benefits for your business

Possibility of easy personalization

Unlike screen printing technology, the implementation of small print runs on a digital printer for aluminum is cheap and fast. So you can easily make personalized nameplates or room markings without worrying about the downtime of the entire production.

Easy and intuitive operation

IMAGO equipment is very intuitive and easy to use, so you don’t need a professional operator to operate our aluminum printer.

The ability to print full color in a single pass

Digital printing in aluminum, as opposed to screen printing, allows you to print all the colors of your design in one pass directly on the metal!

Devices that don’t break down

The systems used to protect the print head and specially selected ink makes our aluminum printers serve our customers flawlessly for many years.

Create indestructible prints in metal

Printing technology in anodized aluminum ensures durability and resistance of prints to mechanical and chemical damage.

Making production independent of external suppliers

As well as reducing costs and manufacturing time for stock labels or control panels.

Low-cost operation

The full cost of producing a 5×5 cm aluminum nameplate is only 0.5 zlotys.

Photographic quality and high precision printing

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