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AQUILA Aluminum – durable and precise printing in anodized aluminum

Aquila Aluminum printer

Digital printer for anodized aluminum is the maximum of quality, precision and durability of color printing in metal. AQUILA Aluminum allows you to create nameplates, warehouse labels, building signage, as well as diplomas or control panels. Save time and become independent of external suppliers – with AQUILA Aluminum it is possible.

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What sets the AQUILA Aluminum printer apart?


Highest quality printing in anodized aluminum

The Aquila Aluminum device will prove itself wherever the quality of the applied print, its durability and short lead time of the finished products matter. What is more, the print is very precise and repeatable on each product.

Technology package

Full technology package for printing in metal

To further increase the precision and durability of prints, we have developed a technology package that includes: a VSG suction-heating attachment to increase color saturation and print precision, and a TECHNOLOGY WAN – to increase durability by sealing printed sheets..

Increase print quality

Active print drying system

The aluminum printer is equipped with a drying system that speeds up the solvent evaporation process. This allows for greater color saturation and printing of fine details, small fonts and symbols.


Ability to fulfill small orders and personalization

Printers from IMAGO are practical devices for personalization. With a digital printer for aluminum, you can easily and quickly produce small and varied orders without worrying about downtime in large production. Unlike screen printing, Aquila Aluminum applies all colors simultaneously allowing you to create color-rich designs. The printer can also be used for printing, for example, on absorbent materials like cork or wood.

Head safety

Print head with cleaning fluid

The printer’s ink system with channels for cleaning fluid reduces problems with clogging of the print head and consumable components of the device.


Signaling systems and intuitive service mode.

The systems used in the machine allow easy operation of the device. Signaling systems will inform you when you need to add ink or empty the operating tank. The aluminum printer will also inform you when the printout is finished.

Printers for Aluminum – examples of use

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Indestructible markings in metal

Full color printing

  • Polish production using modern technology, components and parts;
  • robust construction of the device;
  • Simple operation of the device and intuitive software;
  • A substrate heating system to increase the color saturation of the print;
  • A constant supply of cleaner to increase the life of the print head
  • active drying of prints;
  • low operating costs;
  • error signaling

Technical specifications of Aquila Aluminum printer

Device modelAQUILA Aluminium
Print format32 cm x 65 cm
Grubość mediówto 15 cm
Printing technologydigital printing using color nanosolvent inks
Ink ColorsBlack, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow,
Number of heads1x Epson micro Piezo
Resolution5760 x 1440 dpi
Energy consumption220 W
Operating system Windows 11/10/8/7
Work environment18-28 stopni, 35-65%
External size62,5cm x 65cm x 115cm
Software that controls the printing process DTG RIP V10
Manufacturer's warranty 12 months

Aquila Aluminium

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Technology package for printing in aluminum

To ensure the highest possible quality and durability of printing in metal, we have prepared a full technology package for printing in anodized aluminum. The package includes:

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