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Fill out the application form, or contact our service technician, to locate and eliminate the fault associated with the machine.
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    Service & Support

    Food printers work with Mac OS devices. UV LED, Aluminum and Nanosolvent printers, on the other hand, only work with Windows computers.

    We provide training to our customers free of charge as part of the implementation of the machine.

    The HS code is 84433910

    Our distributor in your country will be responsible for the training, implementation of the machine, repair and technical support. If we do not have a distributor in your country, we will solve the case individually. We are also in the process of preparing online training and service materials.

    Yes, it is possible, but the final decision on this type of repair will depend on the initial telephone verification of the problem.

    To keep the machine in good condition for a long time, clean the machine daily.

    The cost of transporting the machine depends on the place of delivery. To calculate the exact costs of transport to your country, write us an e-mail to sales@imagoprinter.com. Apart from the machine purchase costs, delivery and training costs, you need to count the customs tariff costs in your country. You need to check the costs of the duty in the government office in your country.

    Shipping & Delivery

    The delivery time of the machine to the customer in Poland is about 4-6 weeks. It depends on the number of orders we are processing at the moment, if you would like to know the exact delivery date please contact us.

    Know the delivery date.

    International delivery may take longer due to shipping time.

    We deliver the machine secured in a box or on a pallet together with the purchased insurance. The machine is shipped to our distributor in your country or directly to you.

    Car transportation: the machine can be transported on a standard pallet of 120 x 80.
    The height of the package is about 80 cm, and the weight will depend on the number of additional items ordered by the customer (+ 5 kg to the weight of the machine).
    Air and sea transportation: the machine can be transported in a wooden box on a pallet of size 120 x 80. The height of the package is about 80 cm. The weight of the crate with Falco machine is about 60kg, the weight of the crate with Vulpes and Aquila machine is about 80kg.

    Yes, we cordially invite you. If you want to visit us, contact us, we can arrange the exact date.

    Contact us

    Our address is: Poland, Warsaw, ul. Zawodzie 7c; Airport: Warsaw Chopin Airport (WAW).

    Yes, if you want to visit us and talk to our client, contact us, we can organize such a meeting for you.

    Contact us

    The cost of transporting the machine depends on the place of delivery. To calculate the exact transportation costs contact our expert. Be sure to include the location where the machine will be delivered.

    Find out the delivery price.

    Yes, the transport of the machine is always insured.


    The warranty is granted for a period of 12 months. Service parts that wear out during explantation, such as rubber tubes, swabs, sponges, are not covered by the warranty.

    The printhead comes with a 3-month warranty period.

    Yes, you can extend the warranty for further years. The cost of extending the warranty is 10% of the purchase price of the machine.

    Information about machines

    No, the machine is not equipped with a bluetooth or Wi-Fi module. The device requires a USB-B cable connection (the cable is delivered with the machine).

    The print head is covered by a 3-month warrantyTogether with the machine we supply: Box x1; Power cable 2m 230V; USB cable A-B 2m; Ink starter kit; Empty spare cartridges 4x10ml (Vulpes, Aquila x6); Distilled water – 100ml; IMAGO cube; Dustless cotton balls x20 pcs. ; Dustless sticks x5 pcs; Allen wrench 2mm; Allen wrench 2.5mm, Syringe 25ml with TYGON S3 E3603 5cm tubing installed; and documents: Instruction Manual, Warranty Card, Receipt Protocol.

    You can order all consumables from our distributors. If we do not have a distributor in your country yet, order all items indirectly from our company. At the moment, all foreign orders are accepted at the following e-mail address: sales@imagoprinter.com.

    For basic operation of food machines, you need a computer and a simple graphics program. We recommend using Affinity Designer, but if you have your own other graphics program you can also use it.
    Link to Affinity program: https://affinity.serif.com/en-us/designer/

    To operate UV LED, Aluminum and nano-solvent printing machines you need a computer and AcroRIP V10 program

    The machine supports any file format. Graphics in any format (jpg, png, tiff) should be placed in the graphics program before printing.

    The machine is easy to use and maintain. The device can be operated by every employee after a short training. Additionally, basic computer skills are required.

    We save any graphics or photos on the computer by downloading them from the Internet or a USB flash drive. The selected graphic is opened using a graphic program, placing it in the appropriate place in the file and printing it on the printer.

    Atramenty do drukarek

    We pay a lot of attention to the quality of our products, therefore we only use certified products that meet the highest quality standards and are intended for the food industry around the world. The inks we distribute are certified by the following organizations:

    • FDA
    • BRC GS Food Safety
    • U PAREVE
    • IFS Food

    Ink consumption depends on how long the printer is used and the type of device the more we print the more we use. Usually a set of inks lasts for about 2 months of use.

    Yes, inks from other producer can be used, but prior checking and consultation with our technician is required. Using other inks without checking can damage the machine, which also results in the loss of the warranty.

    Ink should be stored according to manufacturer’s recommendations in original, closed bottles in a dark place at room temperature. The dye should not be exposed to direct sunlight. The inks should be used up to 12 months from receiving the parcel.

    More information about IMAGO printer service

    About IMAGO printer service

    We provide spare parts, tools and knowledge that are necessary for the proper and efficient operation of such printers.

    IMAGO digital printer service provides fast customer service. We solve most problems remotely without the need for a service technician to visit the machine immediately after the request. Thus, we reduce or eliminate machine downtime.

    Nevertheless, the regular maintenance we recommend helps to keep the machine in good working order and ensures trouble-free operation for a long time.
    We guarantee fast and efficient repair of the equipment, as well as training in its operation and maintenance and in printing technology.


    Kits and individual inks for IMAGO printers are available in our store.

    It is also possible to purchase personalized matrices for UV printers and food printers, as well as other additional accessories to facilitate the work with printers.

    We will be happy to help you solve any problems related to your printers. Feel free to contact us for information and technical support.

    Parts and components available locally

    As a manufacturer of digital printers, we provide customers with quick access to spare parts.

    If a printer is damaged, we repair the components quickly, efficiently and safely. What’s more, we offer technical support to customers in case we find any defects.

    Fill out the contact form and our technician will contact you.