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Quality policy

Company mission

Our mission is to provide innovative, reliable and high-quality printing solutions. Our priority is to fully satisfy our customers by providing not only high quality products, but also efficient after-sales service. We are motivated by the desire to provide comprehensive solutions that help our customers increase productivity and reduce costs. At the same time, we emphasize providing quality work and satisfying our employees. We strive to maintain a dynamic team and a prosperous company. We value our employees by nurturing their development, providing a friendly work environment, and promoting commitment and cooperation.

Three main objectives

We aim to achieve the above mission through:

CUSTOMER’S SAFETY achieved through:

  • Manufacturing equipment with a wide range of applications allowing him a very wide range of possibilities.
  • The highest quality of printing regardless of the substrate and type of ink used,
  • efficient and fast service that minimizes machine downtime.


  • Discipline and process approach to help overcome problems and accelerate development,
  • Continuous improvement of processes allowing for quick delivery of equipment with high class,
  • openness to the needs of customers, whose ideas are the driving force behind the development of our company.


  • Openness to market needs and meeting customer needs,
  • The desire to continuously acquire knowledge and implement it into our products making them the best in their class,
  • looking for solutions from many fields of science that make our products thought out from every angle, minimizing their weaknesses.

As President of the Management Board of the Company, he personally undertakes to implement and maintain the policy among our employees and all interested parties.

Paweł Pęsiek


We declare

  • Effective management in accordance with state-of-the-art methods that guarantee full satisfaction of customers’ needs.
  • Employing experienced personnel with high qualifications and practical skills.
  • Applying the latest methods and techniques of machine manufacturing
  • Constant expansion of the range of products and services provided
  • Top management is committed to meeting the requirements and continuously improving the effectiveness of the Quality Management System.

The Management expects the Company’s employees to be constantly engaged in activities to improve the quality of the services provided and to show initiative in improving the Quality Management System.

The idea is that the motto “quality is our motto” should be put into practice every day by every employee in every position.