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Molds for IMAGO food plotters


To meet the needs of our customers, we have created dedicated sets of molds with specific and uncommon shapes. We have matched graphics to each mold to make working with food plotters as easy as possible.

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What sets IMAGO molds apart?

Speed up cookie production

3D printed molds for various occasions

We produce IMAGO molds using 3D printing technology from materials suitable for food contact and dishwasher washing. For the molds we also create dedicated graphics for special occasions such as: Christmas, Women’s Day, or Valentine’s Day.

Create interesting shapes

Unusual shapes and dedicated graphics for printing

These accessories allow you to cut intricate shapes out of printed sugar paste, or shortcake. The molds can also be used to create toppers, decorations for the sides of the cake and decorative elements of figures.

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Technical specifications

Size (may vary depending on the mold)7-12 cm
Can it be washed in the dishwasher?No


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