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IMAGO's staff consists of highly qualified employees, including experts in the fields of printing, mechanical design, automation, electronics, marketing and business. We have established 7 departments with an advanced management structure, which translates into efficiency and agility for the company.

We have implemented an ERP system to facilitate the scheduling of tasks in our company and to integrate all elements of its operation. In addition, we introduced the kanban method for production management and the 5S system to improve the efficiency of the work performed.

We provide our customers with comprehensive maintenance services and technical support. We focus on building long-term relationships and joint development!

Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist.
Pablo Picasso

This quote inspires us, which is why we adapted it to our needs: For 10 years we have been developing digital printing technology and breaking the mold by providing solutions that make a difference.

See how our printers are made

IMAGO Printer is a Polish manufacturer of digital flatbed printers including UV LED printers, aluminum printers, and food printers.

We are a team!

We are a close-knit team with 10 years of experience in inkjet printer development. In mid-2019, we decided to join forces to take digital printing to the next level. The result of years of development and training is the optimization of the design and production process. As a result, our devices are characterized by the highest quality.

Proprietary technologies

We develop proprietary solutions using state-of-the-art technologies and carefully tested components.

Our products are characterized by robustness, efficiency and innovation. This translates into the convenience of their use and speed of operation, which are important in virtually any business.

With many years of experience and commitment, we create advanced solutions, including not only UV LED printers, aluminum printers or confectionery plotters, but also peripheral accessories and applications. Customers appreciate our comprehensive approach, which includes equipment service, technical and technological support, in addition to access to accessories and consumable items.

In addition to printers, our R&D department is constantly creating new additional accessories for machines such as:

We are constantly working on new machine solutions to make your business easier. We also carry out customized designs, which allows us to customize printing to your product and streamline your orders.


A device for printing on cylindrical objects.

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Heating and suction system

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Produced to the customer's special order and precisely tailored to their product.

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Processing Bath

A pore sealing device in sheets of printed aluminum.

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Individual solutions

Personalized designs tailored to your needs.

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Support valued by customers

Support valued by customers
IMAGO Printer customers can count on the expert support of our team members. If you need information about printers or cooperation, you are welcome to visit our Warsaw office. We are also happy to talk via electronic channels.

All devices before they leave production are thoroughly tested and undergo quality control. In addition, our customers are provided with support in the implementation of equipment in the company and training of employees. This makes it easier to start using digital printers and realize the potential of these devices.

For more useful information on various printing technologies, visit our blog.


In September 2022 at the Festival of Printing, we were awarded as many as three Gold Medals for our AQUILA UV LED printing device and VSG and ROTOR additional accessories.

In March 2023, our VULPES confectionery plotter was hailed as Product of the Year 2023!

IMAGO on the timeline

2019.11 Founding of the company - a team of 4 people worked on the design of the first FALCO confectionery printer.

2020.02 Premiere of the first FALCO project and the first deployed FALCO machines at customers.

2021.01 The premiere of the VULPES confectionery plotter.

2021.07 The relocation of the company's headquarters and the establishment of a professional production hall.

2021.07 We are celebrating IMAGO's 2nd birthday. The company already has 40 employees.

2021.08 First foreign sales - VULPES to the UK, start looking for distributors and expansion into foreign markets.

2022.03 Premiere of Aquila UV LED, Aquila Aluminum, Aquila Nanosolvent devices at Rema Days 2022.

2022.05 Participation in the first foreign trade fair - FESPA Berlin 2022r

2022.09 Winning 3 gold medals at the 2022r Print Festival for AQUILA UV LED, ROTOR and VSG equipment.

2022.12 There are already more than 300 IMAGO machines on the market in 20 different countries, on 4 continents.

2023.01 Participation in the SIGEP international confectionery fair in Rimini

2023.03 Vulpes confectionery plotter hailed as Product of the Year at Sweettarg 2023.