About Imago

zespół Imago

about us

We are a well-connected team of experienced engineers, connected with the printing industry since 2013. In mid-2019 we decided to join forces to design and manufacture innovative flatbed printers together. Our proprietary solutions are a new quality on the Polish printing market.

Each member of our team is a specialist in their field. Imago Printer is created by experienced practitioners – and at the same time enthusiasts – of digital printing.

When developing solutions for the digital printing industry, we use our knowledge and willingly reach for the possibilities offered by new technologies.

We do not like shortcuts – the flatbed printers we offer are the result of time-consuming, detailed research and tests. Thanks to this, our customers receive solid, efficient and innovative printing devices.

płytka scalona

Experience and passion allow us to create comprehensive, original solutions – not only flatbed printing machines, but also peripheral devices and dedicated applications. Our products are refined in every respect – from complicated technological solutions to design and comfort of use.

We are constantly developing digital printing technology; testing new types of inks and substrates; exploring how to use the latest technologies in the printing industry. We design to ensure that our products bring the greatest possible business benefit to their owners.

We are happy to share our knowledge. Imago Printer customers can always count on the professional support of our team members. We believe that providing efficient, professional service is as important as providing innovative solutions.

The entire production process of printers takes place in Poland, so we are able to react quickly to requests and provide knowledge and assistance.

In turn, people interested in the possibilities of our products are always welcome in our Warsaw office. We will be happy to answer any questions related to the devices we offer, advise you and make the necessary tests.

Why Imago ?

As a company we offer comprehensive customer service. We address our offer to you if, among others:

You are looking for an idea for your own business

You want to expand your business with new business areas

You want to mark, decorate or distinguish your products in a unique way

You have a small advertising or engraving point and are wondering how to expand your offer

You are a confectioner and you want to introduce baked goods with personalized prints into your offer

You run a photocopier and want to offer your customers printing on e.g. gadgets or book calendars.