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ROTOR – learn about printing on candles and bottles.


ROTOR is a modern peripheral solution for printing on cylindrical, conical and spherical objects on AQUILA UV LED and AQUILA Nanosolvent printers. With it you can easily print candles, bottles, jars or even baubles!

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What sets the IMAGO rotor apart?


Mechanical module for circular printing

The rotor features durable mechanical construction and intuitive adjustment of settings. The module is installed on an Aquila UV LED or Nanosolvent using a magnetic system, making the device fully compatible with IMAGO printers and requiring no network connection.

More opportunities

Expanding printing capabilities on digital flatbed printers

The rotor allows you to significantly expand the printing capabilities of flatbed printers while maintaining the highest quality and precision. Adjustment of the roller spacing allows the module to be precisely adjusted to the diameter of a candle, bottle or vase. In addition, the detail level setting function allows printing on conical products, such as: printing on cups and bottles.

See how the Rotor with UV LED printer works

Check how ROTOR works

Compatible with IMAGO printers

The rotor from IMAGO is:

  • ability to print on cylindrical and conical objects
  • product diameter and level control systems
  • simple operation of the device
  • solid construction
  • polish production
  • no operating costs

Rotor – examples of use:

  • Printing on bottles;
  • Print on candles;
  • Printing on jars;
  • Printing on vases.

Parameters of the detail to be printed on ROTOR:

Product diameter from Ø29 mm to Ø137,5 mm
Product height 320 mm
The maximum difference between the largest and smallest diameter5 mm

ROTOR module

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