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Inks for IMAGO digital industry and food printers


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We offer inks for:

  • UV LED printers;
  • Nanosolvent and aluminum printers;
  • food printers.
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What sets IMAGO inks apart?

UV LED Printers

UV LED printer inks

AQUILA UV LED digital printer provides high quality printing with color depth and damage resistance. UV inks will work well for printing on, among other things:

  • wood;
  • plastics
  • advertising gadgets;
  • glass bottles;
  • metal boxes.

UV ink is a liquid polymer that is cured by UV LED light. The characteristic feature of UV printer ink is its resistance to abrasion and weathering. It also maintains high print quality despite the passage of time.

Aluminum and Nanosolvent Printers

Printer inks for Aluminum and Nanosolvent

Digital printers using nano-inks guarantee durable, precise printing in sheets of anodized aluminum. The structure of the nano-ink makes it penetrate porous substrates, making the print resistant to damage. The nano-ink also ensures perfect sharpness and image quality on absorbent surfaces such as candles, wood and cork.

In addition to this, the inks are extremely efficient, with the cost of printing the entire working area as low as 0.25€.

Confectionery plotters

Food inks for confectionery plotters

Edible inks are used in food printers for direct printing on food products, as well as for decorating wafers or confectionery paste. Our food grade inks meet strict standards and have been approved for use based on testing and analysis, ensuring complete safety for you, your employees and customers.

Food inks do not affect taste and odor, and therefore can be used on virtually any confectionery substrate. The inks used in food plotters are used for decorating cakes, cookies, macarons or chocolates, among others.

Eksploatation Inks

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