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ROTOR is a modern peripheral solution for printing on cylindrical, conical and spherical objects on AQUILA UV LED and AQUILA Nanosolvent printers. With it you can easily print candles, bottles, jars or even baubles!

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Processing Bath

Printing in anodized aluminum is used to create even indestructible designs for warehouse labels, signage, control panels or diplomas and certificates.

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To meet the needs of our customers, we have created dedicated sets of molds with specific and uncommon shapes. We have matched graphics to each mold to make working with food plotters as easy as possible.

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Primers are colorless liquids that do not leave streaks or stains on the finished product. They improve the durability of UV LED printing and increase resistance to scratches and mechanical damage.

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Do you use IMAGO printers ? If you want to maintain production continuity and your ink supply is running out, you can always replenish it in our store.

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Do you mark a lot of small products? Your production is repetitive? Matrices are the perfect solution for you.

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The VSG module is a universal tool equipped with a vacuum table and temperature control function.

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