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VSG module – Print with the utmost precision on thin materials.

VSG module

The VSG module is a versatile tool equipped with a vacuum table and temperature control function. The module makes it possible to print on materials that are difficult to print on, such as thin substrates, materials that are easily deformed, and materials on which the print quality is dependent on temperature.

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A simple solution to support IMAGO digital printers

The device’s design is aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly, while operation and service are extremely economical. When not in use, the VSG shuts down automatically, which contributes to lower operating costs. Individual functions are adjusted with just three buttons, making the device easy to operate.



Suction table for UV LED and Nanosolvent printers

The VSG module automatically smooths the substrate during printing and allows supporting thin materials increasing the precision and repeatability of UV LED prints on paper, film, sheet metal, plywood or fabric. At the same time, it prevents deformation of details under the heat of the UV LED lamp, making it easier to print on Plexiglas, PVC and other plastics.


High precision printing in anodized aluminum

The temperature function in printing on anodized aluminum sheet increases the achievable color saturation and resolution of prints by evaporating excess ink. At the same time, the suction table increases the precision of prints by stabilizing the sheet metal on the work table.


Printing capabilities on plastic chocolate

For food printers, VSG enhances the quality of printing on chocolate and enables plastic molding after printing. Sucking, on the other hand, allows printing on sugar paper and transfer film.

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VSG for industry

VSG for confectionery

VSG and UV LED printers

  • Smoothing the substrate (printing on fabrics, printing on leather)
  • Protection against deformation of the product under the influence of UV LED lamp (printing on plexiglass, printing on PVC)
  • Stabilization of the substrate (printing on film, printing on paper, printing on sheet metal)
  • Increasing the precision of printing

VSG and food printers

  • Stabilization of sheets of transfer film or sugar paper
  • Possibility of printing on semi-liquid chocolate
  • Increasing color saturation

VSG and printers for aluminum

  • Increase printing precision
  • Increasing color saturation
  • Stabilization of the aluminum sheet

VSG and Nanosolvent printers

  • Smoothing the substrate (printing on leather, printing on fabrics)
  • Substrate stabilization (printing on paper, printing on plywood)
  • Increasing the precision of printing
  • Acceleration of ink evaporation

Technical specifications – VSG module

External dimensions33,6 cm x 78, 6 cm x 8,6 cm
Work table dimensions32 cm x 65 cm
Power consumption400 W
Weight12 kg
Maximum height of print product after VSG application6,4 cm
Maximum heating temperature 55 °C

VSG module

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