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FALCO Aluminum – indestructible warehouse signs in anodized aluminum

The FALCO Aluminum device makes it possible to produce indestructible warehouse labels directly at the point of use. This reduces production time and costs. Do you care about durable warehouse labels? Explore the possibilities of the FALCO Aliminium.

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What sets the FALCO Aluminum printer apart?

High precision

High precision printing in anodized aluminum

The FALCO Aluminum device will prove itself wherever the quality of the applied print, its durability and short lead time of the finished products matter. What is more, the print is very precise and repeatable on each product.

Technological set

Full technology package for printing in metal

In order to further increase the precision and durability of prints, we have developed a technological package that includes: the FALCO Aluminum device and the Technological Bath, the use of which increases durability by sealing the printed sheets.

Serial procudtion

Continuous series production

Falco aluminum is designed for continuous batch operation directly at the warehouse label manufacturing site. The durable design and intuitive service mode means you don’t have to worry about production downtime!


Low cost and simple logistics of creating stock labels

The use of anodized aluminum printing technology shortens production time, reduces costs, and simplifies the logistics of producing stock markings in your company. Up to 500 labels can be produced during the operator’s working day, and the total cost of production of 1 piece is only 0,7€


Easy to use and trouble-free operation

Operation of aluminum printers is intuitive, so that any employee after basic training will be able to prepare a finished product in the highest quality. A semi-automatic cleaning system increases the life of the print head, and a non-drip bottle system guarantees fast and comfortable operation.


Small format printer for aluminum

The small size of the device allows you to produce stock markings or signage directly on the site of their use. The lack of unpleasant odors allows the printer to be used in any office!

Explore the full capabilities of our aluminum printers

Indestructible warehouse markings

Reduce costs and simplify logistics!

  • Polish production using modern technology components and parts
  • robust design of the device
  • simple operation of the device and intuitive software
  • handling of copies
  • low operating costs
  • automatic detection of object height
  • indelible ruler with a scale
  • full technological package to start production

Technical specifications of Falco Aluminum printer

Device modelFalco Aluminium
Print format 20 cm x 50 cm
Media thicknessto 15 cm
Printing technology digital printing using color nanosolvent inks
Ink ColorsBlack
Number of heads1x Epson micro Piezo
Resolution5760 x 1440 dpi
Energy consumption220 W
Operating systemWindows 11/10/8/7
Work environment 18-28 stopni, 35-65%
External size45cm x 50cm x 105cm
Manufacturer's warranty12 months

Falco Aluminium

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