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Combine precision, quality and durability of your designs with UV LED printers

drukarka do zadruku brzegu książek


Discover the only Polish book edge printer offering efficient printing for both small print runs and large production runs. The digital UV LED printing technology ensures print durability, color precision and automation of the marking process, reducing production time and costs. With a wide range of supported book sizes, it enables personalization and comprehensive finishing for any project.

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Do away with outside contractors and take full control of your business with a small-format UV LED printer from IMAGO.

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Our UV LED printers are efficient and economical machines for small production lines. Their advantages are appreciated by business owners who want to take full advantage of personalization. IMAGO UV LED printers also work well for companies that care about creating and branding products themselves.

What is UV LED printing and how does it work?

UV LED printing technology offers a wide range of possibilities for creating precise and durable high-resolution prints on almost any type of material. Thanks to it, it is possible, among others:

  • printing on wood;
  • printing on glass;
  • printing on metal;
  • printing on plastics.

The ink used in UV LED printers is a special mixture of liquid polymers that, when cured under UV light, form a tough layer. Unlike inkjet printers, UV LED printing allows the use of white ink, which makes it possible to print graphics on any color substrate while maintaining identical colors as on a computer monitor screen.

UV LED printers and benefits for business

The durability and strength of the print is an undeniable advantage of UV LED printing, which allows you to mark most materials, even as demanding as glass or candles. The high precision of the UV LED printer ensures the photographic quality and detail of the print. This opens up new possibilities for creating great quality personalized products.

UV LED printers ensure fast processing of various orders without changing the parameters of the device. Immediately after finishing a batch of glass bottles, you can easily print pens, followed by wooden packaging for corporate gifts for customers. Unlike screen printing technology, you don’t have to prepare a special die for each product, making the creation of small personalized orders simple, fast and cost-effective!

Explore the full capabilities of our UV LED printers

Wide possibilities

Highest quality printing

UV LED printers – key benefits for your business:

Printing directly on almost any material

including: printing on wood, printing on metal, printing on plastics, printing on candles, printing on glass and many more….

Print Durability

UV light fixation ensures the durability of the print. Such printing will work well for glass, plastics and other demanding materials. The print is fixed immediately, which allows direct further processing.

Ease of use

IMAGO devices are very intuitive and easy to use, so you don’t need a professional operator to operate the UV LED printer.

No unpleasant odor

UV LED printers from IMAGO do not generate bad odor during operation.

Can be used in many industries

including: advertising, tourism, weddings, art studios or printing shops.

The ability to start your own production

labeled products, so you gain full control over the production process.

Ability to create structured printouts

Photographic quality and high precision printing

Full DTF UV printing kits

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Unleash your creativity and print unique designs with a UV LED printer. Make an appointment for a consultation and learn all your benefits of cooperation.