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Discover new ways to decorate your confectionery products using food printers


The Vulpes PRO confectionery plotter, with its built-in system for activating and changing the energy of confectionery substrates, guarantees unprecedented quality and durability of decorations.

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Falco's food printer provides photo-quality direct printing on almost any food substrate.

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The Vulpes confectionery plotter enables printing of the highest quality on virtually any confectionery substrate.

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IMAGO confectionery printers are modern devices that allow you to obtain photo-quality decoration on almost any confectionery substrate such as cakes, pastries, macarons, or chocolate.
During the design and production of our confectionery plotters, we took care of the smallest details, so as to bring a good product to the market and contribute to the development of the Polish confectionery industry.

Food plotters: printing substrates

confectionery printers enable direct photo-quality printing on virtually any confectionery substrate. This makes it possible to obtain vivid and natural colors on cakes, macarons, chocolate, as well as cakes with mirror glaze or food gel. The equipment is extremely precise, and this in turn ensures that small lettering and intricate graphics can be printed.

All inks used for printing are completely safe for consumption. The food inks used in IMAGO food printers were created in accordance with strict EU standards for food products. The dyes have no taste or odor. Moreover, the inks we use are vegan, kosher and halal.

Benefits for your business

The main advantage of food plotters is the ability to print directly on the product. No additional intermediate elements are needed for this – just place the cake or macaroon on the table and start printing. This significantly reduces the time for preparing the decoration. The devices can be used to create a print on individual products, as well as in mass production.

Food plotters will work well for confectionery companies that want to differentiate their offerings and introduce personalization of products. Color printing allows you to start selling new products, for example: logo-branded cookies or sweet tourist souvenirs. In addition, they make it possible to increase margins by reducing production costs and increasing product prices.

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Increase the company's margins and earnings

Accelerating confectionery production

Food printers – benefits for your business:

Quick return on investment and increased profits

Printers are cheap to operate, and you can use their potential to differentiate your offerings and increase your margins, which will translate into higher profits.

Wide range of supported substrates

confectionery plotters decorate, among others, on cakes with any cream, cakes, monoporations, macarons, jelly beans, ice cream wafers, chocolate, marshmallow, sugar paste and many other substrates. The plotter will also apply printing to wafer paper, sugar paper and transfer film.

Professional production acceleration

IMAGO food printers give you the ability to prepare larger batches of decorated products at the same time, e.g. it takes just 1 hour to decorate 1500 macarons.

Easy to use

Simple training is all that is needed for your employees to use the full potential of the confectionery plotter.

Highest quality confectionery decoration

The device will apply any image in photographic quality to various types of food products.

Cheap operation

The cost of printing on one cake is less than 1 penny!

Equipment suitable for operation in wet and dusty conditions

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