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VULPES PRO confectionery plotter An innovative solution that redefines food printing

Vulpes PRO

The Vulpes PRO food printer from IMAGO a revolutionary tool that redefines food printing. With a built-in system for activating and changing the energy of confectionery substrates, VULPES PRO not only decorates, but also provides ideal printing conditions, guaranteeing unprecedented quality and durability of decorations.

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VULPES PRO confectionery plotter can transform your printed decorations.

Activation of substrates

Automatic substrate preparation for printing.

Thanks to the built-in system for activating
confectionery substrates, Vulpes Pro automatically
prepares the surface of difficult
confectionery before decoration. You no longer have to
worry about print quality on chocolate,
isomalt, caramel, or jelly beans. Activation of
the surface of confectionery products allows
better penetration of the inks increasing the
durability and quality of the decoration. In addition,
implemented function of system regulation
allows you to adjust the parameters to the type of
substrate, which gives you even more possibilities
product preparation.

Druk spożywczy na czekoladzie, demonstrujący zaawansowaną technikę dekoracji cukierniczej
Print saturation settings

Precise color and quality adjustment.

VULPES PRO uses advanced
software that allows you to
modify the amount of dyes used,
the resolution of the printed graphics, and change the
the color intensity of the selected graphic. Thanks to
application of innovative technology your
products will be saturated in color.
The effects on dark chocolate or green
macarons are now even better, and the
color reproduction – perfect, allowing you to
to produce personalized sweets
B2B for the most demanding customers.

Greater speed

Accelerating decoration production.

Implemented in Vulpes Pro innovative
technologies allow you to decorate the entire
machine table in as little as 1 minute and 30
seconds, depending on the print resolution.
This is as much as 3 times faster than the classic Vulpes!
This speeds up the production process even more
confectionery production process.The device allows decorating
in an hour up to: 3200 macarons,
1,500 ice cream wafers, or 19,000 pralines!

Distance tolerance

High distance tolerance.

To meet the expectations of customers
confectionery customers, we have refined the printing technology
introducing the possibility of decorating uneven
surfaces. This allows for logo marking
of the recently very fashionable spherical
chocolates or lollipops. Greater distance tolerance
of decorating products allows to maintain
exceptional precision and quality of printing despite differences in height of products on the table of the
in the height of products on the machine table up to

Druk spożywczy na czekoladzie, demonstrujący zaawansowaną technikę dekoracji cukierniczej
Printhead protection

Additional reservoirs with water cleaner.

In the Vulpes Pro, the ink system is
enriched with 2 tanks with water cleaner,
which continuously and automatically delivers
cleaner to the print head. It prevents
this from drying up the inks and extends the
the life of the print head. At the same time
machine uses only 4 colors of inks
CMYK which reduces the cost of
operation and, consequently, reduce the cost of
production of confectionery decorations in your
confectionery shop! The use of 4 colors does not affect
print quality because the colors are dependent on the
settings in the software controlling
the decoration process.

Druk na torcie, Druk spożywczy
Professional software

Advanced software.

Vulpes Pro uses advanced
software that controls the process of
decoration. This allows for perfect
color reproduction and modifications
saturation of the decoration without affecting the ease of
operation of the device. The program is very
intuitive and the parameters set once can be
duplicated on each product.

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