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AQUILA Nanosolvent – precision printing, with ultra-small droplet ink

Printers with nano-printing technology work well for specialized marking of difficult materials. The ink penetrates the structure of the material, and this makes the graphics adapt to the structure of the substrate and deform with it.

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What sets the AQUILA Nanosolvent printer apart?

Special technologies

Digital printers for special tasks.

AQUILA Nanosolvent digital printer is a device for special tasks. All thanks to nanostructured ink technology, which penetrates into porous substrates. This makes the graphics aesthetically pleasing and responsive to any deformation. At the same time, the printing is durable and resistant to mechanical damage. This makes it possible to create unique compositions on candles, covers or drink coasters.


High quality printing on wood, cork, or leather.

AQUILA Nanosolvent equipment is high quality printing at 5760 x 1440 dpi. This guarantees the detail of the printed image on foamed PVC, candles, cork, leather or wood. And the depth of color will translate into aesthetics and precision of the final products.


Easy personalization of products

AQUILA Nanosolvent is a small-format digital printer that enables personalized orders. This way you will distinguish your products and adapt them to changing occasions like holidays, Valentine’s Day or Women’s Day. The device is easy to adapt to any design, and at the same time its operation and positioning of products is very simple.


Active print drying system

The AQUILA Nanosolvent device is equipped with an active drying system. This accelerates solvent evaporation and ink penetration deep into the substrate. This enables greater color saturation and printing of fine details, small fonts and symbols.

Printhead security

Print head with cleaning fluid

The printer’s ink system with channels for cleaning fluid reduces problems with clogging of the print head and consumable components of the device.



Signaling systems and intuitive service mode.

Zastosowane w maszynie systemy pozwalają na łatwą eksploatację urządzenia. Systemy sygnalizacji poinformują cię o konieczności dolania atramentu, czy opróżnienia zbiornika eksploatacyjnego.  Drukarka do aluminium poinformuje Cię również o skończeniu wydruku.  

Nanosolvent printers – examples of use

  • Polish production using modern technology, components and parts
  • robust construction of the device
  • low operating costs
  • error signaling
  • constant supply of cleaner to increase the life of the print head
  • active drying of printouts
  • simple device operation and intuitive software
  • substrate heating system increasing color saturation of the printout

Technical specifications of Aquila Nanosolvent printer

Device modelAQUILA Aluminium
Print format32 cm x 65 cm
Grubość mediów to 15 cm
Printing technologydigital printing using color nanosolvent inks
Ink ColorsBlack, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow,
Number of heads1x Epson micro Piezo
Resolution5760 x 1440 dpi
Energy consumption220 W
Operating system Windows 11/10/8/7
Work environment18-28 stopni, 35-65%
External size62,5cm x 65cm x 115cm
Weight 60kg
Software that controls the printing processDTG RIP V10
Manufacturer's warranty12 months

Aquila Nanosolvent

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