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Create unique book series with the only Polish book edge printer!

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Aquila Colour EDGE

Discover the only Polish book edge printer offering efficient printing for both small print runs and large production runs. The digital UV LED printing technology ensures print durability, color precision and automation of the marking process, reducing production time and costs. With a wide range of supported book sizes, it enables personalization and comprehensive finishing for any project.

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Why choose Aquila Colour EDGE?

A complete solution

Functional set of accessories

An additional changeover table makes it possible to prepare a set of books for marking while the previous batch is being printed, ensuring continuous operation of the machine. The equipment includes tools such as vices and plates for precise positioning of books and bumpers for positioning vices on the table. Sets of positioning plates, are adapted to different book sizes, facilitating material preparation and reducing production waste. The changeover table is equipped with rails that allow book usages to be easily moved onto the work table, improving ergonomics. An additional test print table makes it possible to test the machine’s functions without disarming it. As a result, only one operator is needed to operate the machine. This reduces production costs and allows personnel resources to be freed up for other tasks.

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Adapted technology

Technology tailored to industry requirements

Our UV LED printing technology is specially designed not to glue the edges of books. UV LED-cured ink ensures the durability of designs while guaranteeing dry prints ready for immediate use. This functionality ensures process efficiency and is ideally suited to the specific needs of the publishing and printing industry. The air-cooled UV LED lamp used in the device is maintenance-free and requires no attention during operation. In addition, the appropriately adjusted power of the UV LED lamp allows printing on thermosensitive products without the risk of product deformation.

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Small print runs and large production runs

Flexibility and acceleration of production

Aquila Colour Edge enables efficient printing of both small, personalized book runs and large production runs. The advanced digital printing technology allows printers to quickly adapt to customers’ needs, ensuring seamless fulfillment of individual orders and large-scale commercial projects. The system automates book edge marking, reducing production time and operating costs. At the same time, it eliminates the need for manual coloring. With Aquila Colour Edge, it is possible to mark book edges from 12×7.5 cm to 45×45 cm to meet a wide range of orders, offering customers a comprehensive finish.

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Full color and monochrome printing

High precision printing in the full color spectrum

Our advanced UV LED digital printing technology ensures precise reproduction of any graphic in the full color spectrum. It will give you exceptional detail and color intensity, meeting the highest finishing standards. The device’s precise parameters allow you to print photo-quality photos and complex graphics with the highest precision. In addition, the Aquila Colour EDGE offers the possibility of uniform monochrome coverage of book edges, significantly reducing production time for your current projects and reducing production waste.

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Become an innovation leader

Higher value of the product offered and expansion of the product portfolio

Printing on the edges of books using the advanced Aquila Colour EDGE technology significantly increases their visual appeal, enabling them to offer higher selling prices and attract new customers. In addition, the ability to offer unique books allows to expand the portfolio of services offered and opens up new market segments for printers. Having an in-house printer for edge printing gives you the flexibility to create a variety of products, from luxury editions to special editions. All of this means that the investment in the advanced technology that Aquila Colour EDGE offers strengthens the brand’s position as an innovation leader in the market.

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Collector Series

Advanced personalization of limited and collector series

The edge-to-edge printer makes it possible to create limited or exclusive editions of books that are more attractive to collectors and literature enthusiasts. By printing a bundle of books simultaneously on the Aquila ColourEDGE, it is possible to select a different graphic for each printed book. Such functionality is ideal for creating book series, where the printed edge of each volume refers to its individual character and content. It also gives great opportunities for personalization and creating limited edition products with dedication.

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Return on investment

Quick return on investment and minimize production costs

The advanced functionality, long device life and benefits of the Aquila Colour EDGE allow printers to increase margins and accelerate production. This allows for a quick return on investment, offering printers increased revenue and long-term customer satisfaction. With precise positioning and error signaling with Aquila Colour EDGE, you will minimize errors and waste generated during the production of decorated book edges.

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Aquila Colour EDGE is also:

  • polish production using modern technologies, components and parts
  • comprehensive system that is a one-person workstation.
  • intuitive software
  • precise positioning
  • automatic height detection
  • dust collection system
  • simple device operation and intuitive software
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  • printing on dusty materials
  • error signaling systems
  • intuitive service mode
  • system signaling ink level
  • end of print signaling system
  • standby mode
  • robust construction of the device
  • easy positioning of objects to be printed

Technical specifications of the AQUILA COLOUR EDGE printer

Device modelAquila Colour EDGE
Print format 32 x 65 cm
Minimum size of print books *7 x 12 cm
Maximum size of print books *45 x 45 cm
Media thicknessup to 50 cm
Printing technologydigital printing with the use of color UV LED inks
Ink colorsBlack, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow (optional white)
Number of heads1x Epson micro Piezo
Resolution5760 x 1440 dpi
Energy consumption300 W
Power consumption in StandBy mode10 W
Operating systemWindows 11/10/8/7
Work environment18-28 degrees, 35-65%
External size62,5 cm x 65 cm x 160 cm
Software that controls the printing processDTG RIP V10
Set compositionAquila Colour EDGE printer, changeover table, vices, positioning plates, bumpers, test table
Manufacturer's warranty12 months
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Aquila Colour EDGE

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